Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Toast to the Ocean



30 x 40"


Reprise in a larger size. A shell remnant in a ribbed glass that reminds me of the concentric rings created when you drop a pebble in a pool of water. I just love how the light creates interaction between the 2 objects and shadows and reflections play across their surfaces.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Reef Sighting


30 x 40"



Another from my Reef People series.


Reef Dance

 30 x 40"


A ballet dancer with Attitude! (That's a type of ballet turn.) This is one of my Reef People paintings.  It was recently in The 2022 State of the Art/Art of the State exhibition in the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, NC. She is one of my "Reef People" paintings. Within the past 5 years I have begun to focus in a new direction with my work. My new body of work, which I simply refer to as “Reef People,” while also maritime in nature, is a departure from traditional realism. It reflects my understanding of the world’s coral reefs as a barometer of the health of our total world environment. The bleaching of the reefs is a serious warning sign that we need to get serious about solving our waste, pollution and global warming issues. These works which utilize collaging with paint skins, which are my versions of fantastical corals, and direct painting are about us, as intelligent beings, “becoming one” with the world’s reefs in a sense. Raising our sensitivity to the impact we have on our environment, and ultimately, on one another. Healing problems through intelligent connection.



30 x 40"

Acrylic & Oil 

Another painting inspired by Gustav Klimt. Chrysanthemums symbolize friendship, happiness, and well-being whereas peacocks symbolize prosperity. All positive vibes from this one!


Eirene Wears a Klimt Kimono

30 x 40"
Acrylic and Oil

This is obviously not a daily painting, but is one inspired by Gustav Klimt's portrait 
 of Adele Bloch Bauer, popularly known as The Woman in Gold.
Klimt used lots of symbols in his works and likewise, I have incorporated
symbols in this piece as well. The painting is about serenity and peace. Eirene is the Greek goddess of peace. The crane is a symbol of peace, luck and longevity in Japan.
The cloud patterns or, Kumo, represent hope. The arc patterns,Seigaiha, which can represent calm and quiet, but also resilience. Peace and resilience are much needed
in our turbulent times.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


A little color "pop"py I painted on the boat this summer. Warms me up on this cold, wet winter day.