Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crack It Up!

Oh yeah! Many of us remember this stuff! Banana was my personal fave. Great for pull your loose tooth or filling out fun!

Oh yeah, they're making it again! After being off the market for years and years! I got a batch of mixed flavors from


  1. Those were the days! I remember going into the Cigar Store to buy candy, and to get a soda pop from that old refrigerator at the front of the store!

  2. That store figures big in my childhood too. All the best candies like Sugar Daddys and Charms lollipops when they used to be the size of your hand it seemed like! I can also remember always buying model kits of cars or boats for the boys in my class when I had to go to a birthday party and bring a gift. They used to be intricate too! What kids make models anymore?