Monday, July 14, 2014

Taylored Reef 1

Some of you who may have stumbled across me on Facebook will have seen my Seacycles which are reef forms created from recycled material. In researching reef forms I came across the work of Jason Decaires Taylor. Although I understand that body casting is a labor-intensive craft and a skill unto itself, I have never been a huge fan. That's a personal statement, mine only, don't get all crazy on me. I just don't put it in the same realm as a Rodin, a Michelangelo or even Mark Di Suervo, Zhang Huan or Andy Goldsworthy (just for those of you who might think I haven't gotten over the classical masters). That being said, Taylor's work takes body casting to a whole other level and beyond. I'm in love with what he does on many levels. It is art in touch with nature, interacting with it and helping to heal and nurture coral reefs. Google him and be amazed. This is a tiny watercolor inspired by his work.

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