Friday, January 28, 2011

Miss Scarlett in the Hall with the Candlestick

Crazy busy day here yesterday and I never got around to posting. The NY weather terrorists underestimated the snowfall when forecasting (Now how's that for unusual! I call the weather people on TV weather terrorists because they usually like to get people all worked up over the weather and over-forecast. "Oh my God, people! There's going to be 3" of rain tomorrow, start building your arks now and make sure you run to the nearest grocery store and buy up  all the milk, eggs and bread you can get your hands on!" Then, as if 3" of rain were something to freak out over anyway, we only get 1/2".) and we really got dumped on, on top of deep snow that never melted from the last storm. Going into the second day of no landline phone service.

Anyway... here's my next painting. I, probably like most girls, always wanted to play the Miss Scarlett game piece. Mrs. Peacock looked like too much of a fuddy-duddy and Mrs. White was a little scary. I always imagined that she looked like she wanted to clock you with her rolling pin.

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