Friday, February 4, 2011

Dig That Tailight

This piece is a departure for me in a few ways. First, it is not biographical in the sense that it is something that I have seen with my own eyes and/or photographed nor is it from my personal surroundings. It is my entry in the Daily Paintworks Challenge which can be seen here:

The premise is that a photo is posted weekly (or sometimes it might be a theme) and artists enter their take on it. It is not a competition at all, merely a fascinating peek into the minds,  methods and interpretations of different artists. I will tell you that it is worth clicking on the individual paintings to see the larger versions because the coloring seems dimmed in the smaller versions.

The second departure for me is using this technique which I developed many, many moons ago, for a small daily painting. I usually reserve it for MUCH larger pieces. But part of my reasoning for engaging in this daily painting project was to push myself into trying some new things: subject matter, viewpoints, mediums, etc. So I thought, why not? 

I am very happy with the results. The very nature of the artist's crayons does not allow for fine detailing on such a small textural surface, so I had to loosen up which was fun and different for me.The day I, (or any artist for that matter), think that I have nothing more to learn or investigate with my art, is the day I should hang it up and not consider myself an artist any more. Art is nothing if not a constant process of growing and searching and learning.


  1. Love this painting Marguerite. Pretty insteresting effect you have achieved here. Have you thought of doing a video or step by step how you do it?

  2. Thanks Rose, I never have thought about it, but maybe I should. I guess if I get enough interested feedback I will have to put that on the already crowded to-do list!

  3. I do hope more people will come forward to ask you for a demo. Just love the technique. Thanks for sharing.