Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Murder of Crows


I've had this painting in my head for a long time, planning to do a large version of it. I pass harvested corn fields all the time near my house in NC, and one morning I saw a thin blanket of snow and black crows picking about. The coloring was so beautiful. The golden corn stalks, the white snow and the black crows with a touch of iridescence to their feathers. 

Now, here is where the guys can stop reading. 

Ladies, here's where the title of the painting comes from. If you have a gynecologist with a sense of humor, as I did, he or she probably put posters on the ceiling that you could entertain yourself with during your examinations. Mine had a poster that listed what names were given to groups of animals. Like a pod of whales or a murder of crows. It stuck in my head. I find crows foreboding and iconic anyway. I have probably read one too many Poe, King, Koontz, Rice, etc. novels.

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