Friday, February 11, 2011

Dockside Sugarland

We escape from New York and the snow, and what happens in NC? Snow! The difference here is that it doesn't last more than a day, it's never deep by our standards and you don't have to own a snow shovel. 

The snow here was damp and so it clung to everything, even building up on the marsh grasses. Just a wonderful, frosted vista of the lavender and browny grays of winter diffusing into the distance.
I wasn't really happy with this image as first posted. So, in violation of the alla prima nature of all the others posted so far, I went back to this painting and made some changes. 

The method is so forgiving that it is easy to wipe off anything I don't like and rework the areas. I was not loving the underpainting color I used in sky and so changed it from a teal to a straight ultramarine. Then, the woods on either side of the creek receding into the distance were too warm and pinky-purple. I cooled them off considerably and reworked the expression of the snow covered boughs. Much better, I think.

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