Monday, March 28, 2011

Mac & Cheese

This week's Daily Paintworks Challenge is to paint an image with the theme "home". All paintings entered in this chalenge are donations and ALL proceeds from sales will go to aid Japan disaster relief. Artists pick which organization the sale will go to and I have chosen the Bronx Rotary Club. Not just because I am a member, but also because our Foundation will match the monies from the sale, effectively doubling the value for disaster relief. Every penny goes directly to Japan, there are no management costs detracting from the donation. Visit: and Click on Challenges, and then Help Japan Challenge. Today I am on page 1, but this may change. Details for purchase can be found when you click on the painting. This is a departure from my determination to keep the body of work intact until I have my 365 paintings, but it is such a worthy cause, I could not resist.

The why of this painting is simply this, when I think "home", I think of comfort, coziness, my sanctuary and comfort foods. Macaroni and cheese is a major comfort food for a lot of people I think. Simple and satisfying. A cute painting to hang in your kitchen.

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