Friday, March 25, 2011

Skyflyer, Playland

This is a horrible scan of this painting. I just couldn't get the scanner to read the richness of the darks and I just couldn't seem to adjust it w/o it reading the glare off the brushstrokes as lighter areas.

At any rate, I went on this ride a few years back with my friend's kids. My first clue should have been that none of the other adults would go on it with them. A few spins in, I thought I was having a brain aneurism. I felt really bad for two days afterward. They really should have a sign that anyone over 40 should not go on this ride! I guess the "Let's get Marg, she'll try anything" days are over.


  1. Hi Marguerite,

    I would much rather gaze at this glorious painting,then ride the skyflyer @ playland!

    I love this painting!!! Great vision!