Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hot Sauce Red & Eggs

OK, so here I go jumping into the painting a day pool. I've actually been doing this for some time, but have not had the time to sit down and figure out this blog thing. I have no idea if I am saving my images at the right size/resolution, so if they are bad now, bear with me, hopefully I'll learn and they'll get better. Since they are small, I am scanning my images in. This is a tough one to start with though, as the nuances seem to have been lost withing the whites. That being said, I will be posting several images per day until I catch up to myself.

No images will be for sale yet. I am keeping the body of work together until I have a complete 365 days. I am being pulled in several directions as to what I will do with them when they are all done. Too many people pressuring me! I'll figure it out though.

Anyway, this is a colored pencil piece which is part of a recurring theme. I'm playing with the notion of artist's materials as our sustenance. The necessities for the life of the artist as it relates to food and drink, the necessities for the life of the body.
Enough of the heavy already!

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