Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yesteryear's Patch Kit

My husband's family was well known in bicycle racing circles back when there used to be numerous velodromes in the New York Area. My father-in-law raced many 6 Day Races in these velodromes and placed in prestigious venues such as Somerville, NJ.

My husband and his father both belonged to the German Bicycle Club which utilized the track at Kissena. When my husband was a boy, my father-in-law paid him 25 cents for each flat he would fix for customers in his basement bike shop. This painting is of the materials that he would use to patch flats back in the day. He still keeps them around in a corner of his workshop just for sentiment's sake.

My favorite thing in the painting is the rusty dusty Mennen talcum for men tin. It's got to date back to the 40's based upon the lettering style on it.

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